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The money will probably be split evenly between those two. You'll be great. We haven't done that in a while. Unfortunately, I'm too busy right now. Vic isn't who he says he is. There are many shantytowns in Mexico. It may have been Casper who broke this window. As he was about to leave, he said goodbye. He was really off the wall yesterday.

It'll just be you and me. Wash the wound with soap and water. Do you think it's a bad thing? Don't talk to Frank. Jane didn't buy it after all. It looks as though it may rain. The car ran at 40 miles an hour. Franklin was kind enough to carry my suitcase for me.

The Lord chastens those he loves. In America everybody is of opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors. If you'd like to volunteer, please visit our website. Please refrain from posts that might encourage conflict. Her mother was a Christian and her father a pagan, but this wasn't a problem for them at all. Call if there's trouble. She seem to be getting fatter. I used to pretend I was him. Her grandmother lived to be 88 years old.

Let's stand up. The nation's trade balance improved last year as exports were strong, while imports remained steady. Are you watching this show? He flattered himself that he was the best actor. Look, Judy, it's going to be OK.

You're students, aren't you? This is a comfortable chair. My heart practically skipped a beat. Mah wondered why he had never seen Think here before. I'm glad you remember. I think he has a small dick. Merat doesn't want to be involved. Who were you waiting for at the station? Did you forget to sign your name again?

She smiled sadly. We should've bought three bottles of wine. It's a stupid tradition. We're all invited. He has been sick since last night. This car is very economical on gas. This is pure demagogy. Luis claims he doesn't watch much TV, but he watches more than three hours every day. A little reflection will make you realize you are wrong. Please listen carefully.

I can't believe we're really married. What a lovely couple! How long have you had the pain? Why can't I see them? I haven't slept well recently, so my skin is falling apart. I cannot meow like a cat. I'm a mouse! I really like riding horses. I meant to have that done by now. I fail to see what's so amusing. She spilled her drink all over my dress.

Jose isn't here. He's already left. I figured it out by myself. I haven't eaten in three days. The house was burned to the ground, with all its contents. He's addicted. I live in a small village fifty kilometers from the Polish capital. Mother, mother, you are the queen of my heart. I had to stay in bed for two days.

I had a couple of questions, but I didn't ask them.

Excuse me. Who are you? Can't you hear the sound? Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.

She seemed okay when I saw her. Stay away from it. Some of the students come to school by car. She couldn't have said that. It would've been better if we hadn't done that. Jared seems to be Bonnie's only close friend. The libelous column can still be read on the website of the previously mentioned newspaper. You're digging your own graves. I heard the news about him. We have to let people know what they need to do.

Did they say anything? More women than men commit perjury. Is it OK if I go over to Everett's house to play? Sanjib was too groggy to speak. I knew Nou had done it. I don't expect him to understand my innermost thoughts but I wonder what I can do to get him to hold an interest.

I am parking my car near the office. Aren't you glad you're rich? The paintings are worth a lot. Since we can expect no help from others, let's try to do our best. This isn't fun at all.

Now is the time to act. It is never too late to turn things around. They don't have resources. The bank promised us that our money would be safe.

Francis grew roses in his backyard. Human physiology is a three-credit course. Our bus left at eight, arriving in Boston at eleven. You can't smoke during work hours. Victor realized that he had no money on him. Neither group spent much time discussing the topic.

The baby is sleeping on the bed. You've got skills. I would appreciate any help. That's really funny.

Why did he leave so suddenly? The recent events have affected him deeply. I'm tired already. If you could think positively every day, it would help you to live a lot better. That's a huge achievement. Do you fancy anyone? I heard that Jordan and Lui will get married in October. Christmas is near at hand, isn't it? I never stay anywhere long enough to make friends. I looked up the arrival time in the timetable.